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Proposal Guidelines

Parabon is committed to pushing the envelope of science and to supporting research efforts that will benefit the community at large. To demonstrate this support, Parabon is accepting proposals from nonprofit researchers worldwide whose research could benefit from access to our Frontier™ supercomputing platform.


The proposal should be a summary of the research effort. It should clearly outline how access to Frontier will benefit your work and estimate the amount of time and power you will need. It must also clearly indicate how the effort will benefit the common good.

Indicate all funding sources of the proposed research, including government, private and nonprofit support.

Proposals should be no more than five pages, single-spaced, using 12-point font.

Review Guidelines:

Proposals will be judged on compatibility with the platform, uniqueness of the research, and the impact for society at large.


If your research is chosen to run on Frontier, you must be willing to allow Parabon to publicize the research effort to our providers, our partners, our current and potential clients, and to the public at large.


Proposals are accepted at any time and will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt.

What type of research is suited to the Frontier platform?

  • The problem must be divisible into parallel independent tasks (i.e. no inter-process communication);
  • The problem should be compute intensive with low data requirements;
  • Tasks should be batch-processing oriented; and
  • Code must be written in Java™.

Please be aware that research using donated time on Frontier will have a lower priority than that conducted by our paying clients. Thus, the total amount of computational time available through this program will be dependent on paying client demand.

Please note: researchers associated with formal Parabon partner organizations will be given priority access to the platform. If your organization is a partner, you must still submit a proposal. However, if chosen, your work will run ahead of a non-partner researcher.

Submit a Proposal electronically or mail one to:

Compute Against Cancer Coordinator
Parabon Computation, Inc.
11260 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 406
Reston, VA 20190-5227 USA


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