National Cancer Institute

Download Frontier Compute Engine


Parabon's Frontier platform is being used by NCI to conduct breakthrough research into microarray gene-expression patterns. Conducted by NCI's Genomic & Bioinformatics Group , the research could help answer complex questions about the analysis of cancer-related data. Specifically, researchers are analyzing gene expression patterns obtained by members for cancer cell lines used in screening for new anti-cancer treatments. These computational studies will assist in the analysis of new anti-cancer drugs. Researchers plan to publish their findings in a peer-reviewed journal.

The National Cancer Institute leads research efforts to conquer cancer in all its forms. NCI is one of 25 institutes in the National Institutes of Health, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. NCI conducts, coordinates, and funds cancer research, and provides vision and leadership for the cancer research community. NCI conducts and supports programs to understand the causes of cancer; prevent, detect, diagnose, treat, and control cancer; and disseminate information to the practitioner, patient, and public.


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