Cancer Treatment Research Foundation

Download Frontier Compute Engine


Parabon and the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (CTRF) have formed a unique partnership that provides CTRF researchers free access to large amounts of computation and helps CTRF in its fundraising endeavors. CTRF-sponsored researchers can access unprecedented levels of computing power through Parabon's Frontier platform. Computational power is a necessary, and costly, lab expenditure. Providing this resource allows researchers to focus their attention on their research rather than fund raising. At the same time, by downloading the Frontier Compute Engine and donating their unused computer time, CTRF supporters help raise funds for the foundation. Parabon compensates CTRF for commercial work done on supporters' computers.

CTRF is dedicated to sponsoring clinically-based research that has the potential to offer am immediate positive impact on the lives of cancer patients.. Through corporate sponsorship, 99 cents of every dollar donated to CTRF directly funds research, a record unprecedented in a nonprofit setting. To date, CTRF has sponsored 40 research projects in the United States and abroad with groundbreaking research in such areas as nutritional oncology, immunotherapy, gene therapy, angiostatics and novel uses of traditional treatments.

CTRF sponsors The Walter Payton Cancer Fund and supports fund raising events such as the Students Against Cancer initiative, the Media Games, Motorcycle Rides for Life, and other special events and galas. CTRF has received generous proceeds from the Combined Federal Campaign.


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