Statement of Philanthropy

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Philanthropy at Parabon is truly an integral part of how we conduct business. Dr. Steven Armentrout, Parabon's founder, is committed to pushing the envelope of science, advancing the search for medical cures, and assisting research projects that will benefit all humanity.

Parabon has already demonstrated our commitment to philanthropy. In fact, at the outset, the overwhelming majority of projects run on the Frontier™ platform have been nonprofit research projects. Additionally, Parabon has a full-time staff member dedicated to building partnerships with the nonprofit community, and several staff scientists and computer programming specialists who have donated countless hours to nonprofit research projects.

Parabon will continue our commitment to philanthropy by donating computational time to nonprofit researchers through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, as well as academic and research centers. As the platform grows, we expect to sustain and plan to increase this support.

Compute Against Cancer is our first philanthropic outreach program. Already, Parabon is assisting researchers to understand and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, to create better ways to screen new cancer treatment drugs and to study the structure and behavior of cancer cells for better and faster design of new cancer therapies.


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